Synergida is the premiere luxury resort for transformational retreats in the world. It is a mecca for thought leaders and change-makers to gather in synergistic co-creation.

Costa Rica has been voted the happiest country in the world by many sources, and since happiness is what all of us really want, we figured it would be the perfect place to create an enlightened community. With no military, and a simple way of life, Costa Rica inspires us to take a step back from our crazy life, and press the reset button. With the Western world valuing physical things and accomplishments as a sign of success, Costa Rica provides the other side of the success spectrum that every leader needs right now. Resting and recharging. Connecting with the land and yourself. The 114 acres Synergida rests on is a vortex of energy that will balance you out on a cellular level.

Every Synergida brand retreat is co-created by several leaders, and emphasizes empty space and relaxation. With experiential talks and exercises in the mornings and nights, you'll have all day to decompress in the waterfall oasis, visit the peacocks and emu at the petting zoo, or just kick back in the infinity pool. Every retreat is all inclusive, and we can even book you a flight from SJO to a landing strip down the street. At Synergida, everything is taken care of for you, so you can shut your brain off and enjoy life in a whole new way. When you return home, you will find that you have been upgraded in a big way. The ROI is unfathomable...

For the price of staying at an all inclusive luxury resort in paradise, come enjoy a transformational retreat on us!

Enter coupon code "extendedvacation" if you want to stay for 12 days. Just purchase 2 retreats in a row, and you'll get the 2nd retreat for 25% off, AND you get to stay for the 2 days in between retreats for FREE. Because sometimes, 5 days just isn't enough...

Choose Your Adventure

Jen's Simple Pleasures Retreat (Rode Institute Retreat)

March 1-7

This retreat is for high level women leaders in the midst of a life-altering transition. Join Jen Rode in this intimate, VIP luxury retreat that is a must for badass women leaders. Simple Pleasures is a safe haven for high level women leaders to let their hair down amongst friends and peers.

Dive deep so you can use your intuition to manifest the next level of your life purpose and your life partnership (whether they are with you yet or not).

Goddess Archetype Retreat

March  19-23

At the Goddess Archetype Retreat, you will unleash your inner goddess, with all of her aspects, from subtle to the fierce. Embody manifestation like Lakshmi, the unconditional love of Kwan Yin, the priestess energy of Mary Magdelene, and the fierceness of Kali.

Expert speakers will help you integrate your inner Goddess wisdom so you can live from your highest level, divine feminine intuition. You are going to surprise and amaze yourself as you experience deep level integration of the divine feminine in a safe, sacred space with other awakened women.

Transformational Healing Retreat

April 9-13

You are ready to experience deep level transformation. From energy work to akashic record clearing, this retreat is meant for those who feel called to explore the depths of alternative healing. Whether you are a professional healer looking to hone your skills, or an avid seeker of transformation, you will leave this retreat feeling healed on mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical levels in a way you never thought was possible.

Sexual Magnetism Retreat

April 16-20

Sexual healing and integration is called for now more than ever. As you rebalance and heal your sexual energy in a safe environment, you will feel more empowered, balanced and grounded. The information you receive in this retreat can help you magnetize your life partner, go to the next level with your current partner, and will even help you magnetize your ideal clients.

Synergida Founders Retreat

April 23-27

This informal retreat is for you if you are a high-level global leader who is interested in speaking regularly, holding retreats at Synergida regularly, co-founding, collaborating, and/or potentially investing in a modern, open concept luxury Balinese-style casita suite at Synergida Costa Rica.

Come swim in the salt water infinity pool overlooking the Chirripo Mountain Vortex, tour 114 acres of Synergida Costa Rica, hike in the rainforest, visit monkeys, and bask in the private waterfalls as you experience the premiere luxury resort for transformational leaders. This retreat is just $500 to cover food costs.  Send Jen an email at as this retreat is filling up fast.

Amplify Retreat with Tera Maxwell, Ph.D.

April 30 - May 4

Are you here for massive impact on this planet? The Amplify Retreat is the catalyst for visionary leaders ready to amplify their BEING in the world. Tune into your unique affluence frequency to call in your desires effortlessly so you can scale your contribution & legacy to humanity.

As you look back on the successes you have already achieved in your life, imagine the acceleration when you release habits, limiting beliefs, subconscious programs, & generational patterns causing leaks to your energy field.

Through experiential play, deep transformational work, breathwork journeys, and an in-depth leadership assessment, learn how to experience the inner Freedom that is already here for you.

Whether you want to call in your soulmate partner, improve your relationship, or step up into the next level of leadership, it starts with energetic alignment. Receive the upgrade to your Divine operating system so you can hold more in your dream.

Holistic Medical Intuition Retreat

May 14-18

The world we live in can be intense, and sometimes we put our health to the wayside when we have a busy lifestyle. Whether you've been experiencing lethargy, adrenal fatigue, food sensitivities, or perhaps you are preparing your body for motherhood, you will find amazing tools to help you nourish your body. At this retreat, you will discover empowering ways to heal yourself holistically from the inside out. Discover the secrets to longevity and a life well lived.

Next Level Writers Retreat

June 11-15

Have you always dreamed of becoming a best selling author? Do you have a story, a message, that needs to be shared with the world, just bubbling up inside you, ready to explode? Now is your time to tell your story. In this writers retreat, you will receive deep information from expert bestselling authors and leaders in the publishing industry to help you align with your story so you can share it with the world and grow your brand globally.

Shamanic Revolution Retreat

June 18-22

If you love both the dark and the light, this retreat is for you. Go to the depths of your soul, renew your spirit, and reunite with the greater part of you that you've always been. This deeply sacred, spiritual, shamamic ritual experience that will be safe and fun for everyone involved. As you tap into your divine masculine and divine feminine energies within you, you will unleash your inner shaman so you can share more of yourself with the world.

Reset, Reconnect, Revitalize

June 25-30

It’s time to reset your life and ease into a new relaxing rhythm in the exotic Costa Rican jungle at the luxury transformational retreat center - Synergida.

Join other high-achieving women for this one-of-a-kind experience of rest and self-discovery surrounded by your supportive sister peers. This is the perfect environment to recharge and release. Let the stress of doing it all melt away and experience complete revitalization and deep healing.

Kristin Grayce McGary is uniquely qualified to guide you through energizing experiences that will reawaken and reconnect to your youthful vitality, innocence and joy. She creates a safe and powerful container where you can finally let down your hair, laugh, cry and surrender alongside your high-powered peers.

It’s time to give yourself the gift of Kristin Grayce’s singular expertise; allow her to guide you toward your “beingness” so that you can embody it and thrive in every aspect of your life in new and fulfilling ways. Finally, receive the nurturing and nourishment for which your body, mind, and soul have been screaming.

Master Manifestation Retreat

July 2-6

In this retreat, you will learn skills to help you hone your ability to create your reality more powerfully. We will be deep diving into universal laws and how you can apply them to your life NOW, with ease and grace. Whether you wish to manifest more wealth, expand your personal business, or call in your life partner, you will find keys to help you hack the matrix so you can live a lucid dream life.

Synergy Life Retreat

July 9-13

The old ways of networking are no longer working, and that's a good thing. The best forms of synergistic partnerships occur from deep level connection, trust, and real friendship. In this retreat, you will find how you can utilize your skills, play in your genius zone, and co-create magic with other innovative entrepreneurs in a way that is fun, deeply real, and vulnerable. Expert speakers will share with you their secrets to joint-venturing and co-creation that will amaze you with ease and flexibility. Because at Synergida, synergy is what makes us better together.

Multidimensional Awakening Retreat

July 17-26

The Multidimensional Awakening Retreat was born from the culmination of thousands of sacred healing sessions, synergistic science, attunements, multidimensional downloads, and galactic activations.

Ben and Jen were not taught this information. This high level information was directly downloaded to them, through them, for the evolution of humanity at this time period specifically.

The Rode Institute Divinity School is the first and only of its kind on Mother Earth. It is the synthesis of sacred science, ancient mysteries, galactic downloads, and practical application of the universal laws. This is our flagship retreat, and it includes the best of everything else we offer. If you’re looking for the cream of the crop, you just found it.

Galactic Intuition Retreat

July 30 - Aug 3

Harness your intuitive abilities and embody all that you are as you expand your consciousness through transformational experiences. Through guided meditation and deep level clearing, you will reconnect with your higher soul frequency essence. You will leave forever changed, in touch with soul family from all across the world.

Radiant Wise Woman Retreat with Lee S. Irwin

Aug 6-10

At the Radiant Wise Woman Retreat, you will come alive to your true self – magnetic, sexy, strong and clear -- as you discover the delight of living life as a joyful journey.
This retreat is for women over 45 who are entering the Wise Woman phase of life and want to know how to use it! There is no map for the Wise Woman and none of us got it from our parents.

Why is this so important now? Because…

  • You need your Wise Woman IN to fulfill your divine mission on earth
  • Young women - your daughters, granddaughters & friends - are crying out for Wise Women to guide them
  • The old paradigms are crumbling & Wise Women are leading the way to a new earth

As you enjoy creative play, transformational breathwork, speaking your truth, deep reflection, ancient wisdom ceremonies and connection with nature, you will integrate all three vital aspects of womanhood.

Couples Intimacy Retreat

Aug 13-17

At this retreat, you will experience a safe space to dive into deeper intimacy with your life partner, and develop new ways of communicating and co-creating. Reignite your fire in the epitome of romantic luxury mixed with Pura Vida, the pure life of Costa Rica.

Creator God Retreat

Aug 20-24

At this retreat, you will harness the power of your inner reality creator and learn to embody the power within you that creates universes. Through experiential processes and inspirational talks, you will identify how you created previous experiences, and empower yourself to be able to create miracles from the zero point place of the new.

Abundant Life Retreat

Aug 27-31

Learn about affluence and abundance as you empower yourself to up-level your vibrational frequency. Experience all of the luxury and abundance you deserve, and soak it in. When you radiate abundance, you attract lasting wealth and fulfillment. You will leave this retreat feeling renewed, revitalized, and ready to magnetize!

Intuitive Channel Retreat

Sept 3-7

Do you have an intuitive message that you're bursting to share with the world? Whether you feel called to write a book, create a blog, or use Facebook as a platform to spread your message, you have something important to share with the world. During this retreat, we will be removing old filters and deep diving into vulnerability so you feel safe to spread your valuable message with the world.

Sexual Embodiment Retreat

Sept 24-28

Embodying your sexuality is so much more than what we've been taught. It's our sacred right, and deeply affects our relationships with others, and our ability to manifest the life of our dreams. In this retreat, you will have a safe space to experience deep connection and gentle kundalini awakening experiences that will leave you feeling transformed and intensely alive.

Jen's Simple Pleasures Retreat (Rode Institute Retreat)

Oct 7-13

This retreat is for high level women leaders in the midst of a life-altering transition. Join Jen Rode in this intimate, VIP luxury retreat that is a must for badass women leaders. Simple Pleasures is a safe haven for high level women leaders to let their hair down amongst friends and peers.

Dive deep so you can use your intuition to manifest the next level of your life purpose and your life partnership (whether they are with you yet or not).

Soul's Calling Life Purpose Retreat

Oct  22-26 

Are you ready to break out of the old, and into the new? You began your business with the intent to create the dream, but so often, we can get side-stepped along the way. In this retreat, you will leave feeling refreshed and ready to go in a new direction that is more aligned with your soul's calling.

Healthy Living Retreat

Nov 5-9

During this health-centered retreat, you will dive deep into cleansing, healing and transformational experiences to help you nourish and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

Life Partners On Life Purpose Retreat

Dec 3-7

Are you ready to co-create in a new way with your life partner? Whether regarding your business, your children, or your bigger give-back world legacy, we will be exploring how you and your partner can synergistically co-create the life of your dreams. This will be a deep reset for you both, as you gain massive clarity and dream a bigger life together!

Awaken Your Soul's Calling Retreat

Dec 10-14

This experiential retreat will combine transformational speaking with dance and creative movement to will help you tap into your souls message and calling, as you allow your body to communicate with you.

New Year, New You Detox Retreat

Jan 7-11

You are ready to become the best version of yourself. As we collectively set intention for our New Years goals, you'll watch the magic unfold in your world as you gain clarity on how to bring your best foot forward. Detoxify, rest, and regenerate with leading health experts and way-showers to support you.