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Date & Time Details: You will arrive at Synergida on Sunday evening and the retreat will run from Monday morning through Friday afternoon. Pricing will include retreat, accommodations, and fresh, farm to table food.

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Couple’s Intimacy Retreat – July 2019

July 28 - August 2, 2019

At this retreat, you will experience a safe space to dive into deeper intimacy with your life partner, and develop new ways of communicating and co-creating. Reignite your fire in the epitome of romantic luxury mixed with Pura Vida, the pure life of Costa Rica.

About the Retreat Centre

Synergida is the premiere luxury resort for transformational retreats in the world. It is a mecca for thought leaders and change-makers to gather in synergistic co-creation.

Costa Rica has been voted the happiest country in the world by many sources, and since happiness is what all of us really want, we figured it would be the perfect place to create an enlightened community. With no military, and a simple way of life, Costa Rica inspires us to take a step back from our crazy life, and press the reset button. With the Western world valuing physical things and accomplishments as a sign of success, Costa Rica provides the other side of the success spectrum that every leader needs right now. Resting and recharging. Connecting with the land and yourself. The 211 acres Synergida rests on is a vortex of energy that will balance you out on a cellular level.

Our Location

Located in San Francisco de Cajon, just 25 minutes from the fastest growing city in Central America, San Isidro de General.We are also just 10 minutes from Hacienda Alta Gracia, the #1 rated resort in Central America by Travel + Leisure. Boasting a cooler, less humid climate, this location is a rare gem, feeling closer to San Diego than Costa Rica.You will fly into San Jose (SJO), where you will then bus or plane to our doorstep, all arranged by us.