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At Synergida, we specialize in supporting high level entrepreneurs who are leaders in their industry. 

We believe that self realization is your birthright, joy is your natural state, and wealth should be for all. We understand the pressures and challenges of being a highly successful entrepreneur, and that life sometimes gets in the way. 

After supporting thousands in over 30 countries across the globe, Ben and Jen Rode found that there are a few things that make all the difference in having lifestyle that you truly love.

Because of this, all Synergida Retreats center around the 3 LP’s: Life Partner, Life Purpose, And Living Place. At Synergida, we believe that solving these 3 main pieces of the energy puzzle of your life is what allows you to experience your most joyous, rich, and abundant life. 

By solving the energy puzzle of your life, you are supported in being your highest and best self. We are here to support you in maximizing your life by creating synergy. Because at Synergida, we know that we are stronger and better together.


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