Multidimensional Awakening Retreat

The Multidimensional Awakening Retreat was born from the culmination of thousands of sacred healing sessions, synergistic science, attunements, multidimensional downloads, and galactic activations.

Ben and Jen were not taught this information. This high level information was directly downloaded to them, through them, for the evolution of humanity at this time period specifically.

The Rode Institute Divinity School is the first and only of its kind on Mother Earth. It is the synthesis of sacred science, ancient mysteries, galactic downloads, and practical application of the universal laws. This is our flagship retreat, and it includes the best of everything else we offer. If you're looking for the cream of the crop, you just found it.

The Rode Institute Divinity School is a modern, multidimensional mystery school. A deep, high level rites of passage. A modern priestess and priest ceremony with its roots in Ancient Egyptian and Atlantean knowledge.

This isn't frilly, run of the mill, wannabe, cutesy God and Goddess work where we all dress up, hold hands, say "Ohm" and "Aho", and pretend we're doing something to make ourselves feel better, while not actually doing anything that creates real lasting change in our lives and on the planet. The Multidimensional Awakening Retreat fosters real, lasting transformation for yourself and the world at large.

This isn't for you if you're afraid to look at your shit, if you're afraid of your true power, if you're afraid to be fully seen, or if you're buying into your victim story. This isn't for you if you want a magic pill or if you want someone to do something to you.

This is for you if you're really ready to play full out and step the fuck up into the next level of massive life purpose, no holds barred. This is for you if you're truly ready to stop playing small, to speak your truth unabashedly, and you're really ready to let it all go. This is for you if you're really ready to have a huge impact all across the earth now. This is for you if you're ready to understand the mysteries of the world, and to own your responsibility for the implementation of these mysteries.

The Multidimensional Awakening Retreat is the real deal. It is an intense, gritty, powerful, truly integrated, high level initiation specifically designed for this momentous time in her story.

It is the deepest, most profound, most challenging transformational work on the planet, and it is perfectly designed to test every single thing you think you know about yourself and the world.

Combining ancient wisdom, shamanism, kundalini integration work, ancient Egyptian and Atlantean spiritual practices, hands on sacred- sexual bodywork, magical manifestation, past/ parallel lifetime healing, Timeline Hopping, and sacred plant medicine ceremony in the lush jungle vortex of the emerald green Chirripo mountains of Costa Rica, this retreat is not for the feint of heart.

This is for you if you've died and been reborn to yourself hundreds of times, and you have been looking for that last piece to help you find what you have been looking for. This is for you if you are willing to let go of everything you think you know to exchange it for the truth of who you truly are. This is for you if you are 100% ready to fulfill your mission now.



Payment plans available.



Payment plans available.

What kind of transformations can you expect to leave this retreat with?

  • Full understanding of your true power.
  • Heal sexual shame and blocks.
  • Heal sexual abuse and trauma.
  • Bring in your life partner.
  • Find levels of intimacy you never thought were possible with your life partner.
  • Find levels of pleasure you never thought were possible, and take it home with you.
  • Find the next level of your life purpose.
  • Experience what it feels like to live in 5D.
  • Crack open your consciousness to access your intuition and clairvoyance.
  • Learn to manage the voice that says you can't, and tap into the voice of your higher self for guidance at all times.
  • Realize that you are the creator.
  • Blow out all your limiting beliefs and realize that anything is possible.
  • You will be one of only 1000s on the planet that have access to this level of spiritual information.
  • Your entire life will make sense with a new level of clarity.

This 10 Day Retreat includes:

  • The most powerful sacred sexuality bodywork on the planet (giving and receiving)
  • You will start mastering these techniques immediately with our 8 module distance learning course ($1,111 value), so you already have a full understanding of how powerful this work is by the time you get here.
  • You get Rode Institute's 5D business School: The Evolution of Entrepreneurship ($3,333 value)
  • You get the 4D program in Sovereign U ($444 value)
  • You get a 3 month membership to Sovereign U
  • Kundalini breath-work practices
  • Daily Activations to uplevel you rapidly
  • Karma Clearing and Dharma Invocation
  • Timeline Hopping
  • Implementation and Invocation of the Universal Laws
  • Mastery of Manifestation in full alignment with the prime directive, so your manifestation lasts for good, and you're truly fulfilled
  • Mystery Play and Matrix Reset Work
  • Deep initiation into your fully integrated highest self
  • You will leave a different human being, and if you come with your life partner, you can expect to go deeper with them than you ever thought possible
  • Food and housing is covered. All you have to do is get yourself here

We powerfully claim and own that this is the most powerfully transformational work on Mother Earth, and we always follow through with our promises.

This is our guarantee, and if at the end of this retreat, you disagree, we will happily refund your money. See refund policy below.

Because of the intensity and sensitivity of this work, we do not accept everyone into this retreat. To put it simply, not everyone is ready, and we only work with those who are really ready. If we can't guarantee you the results, we have no business accepting your credit card.

The first step is to fill out an application to see if you are a fit. After completing and returning your application, your application will be reviewed by Ben and Jen personally, and if you are selected, a live interview and vibration raising phone call will be set up for you. This vibration raising phone call is $888, and the $888 will be deducted from the full cost of the Divinity School Retreat if you are selected and you decide you are ready for this retreat and pay for it.

Refund policy:

If you:
A) Participate fully out with an open mind,
B) Do the home play and exercises as instructed,
C) Follow instructions and take the coaching even (especially) if it doesn't make sense at the time,
D) Attend all calls and modules at the event,

And at the end of the retreat, you can name another event or process that you think is more powerful, we will give you your money back for the retreat. You will merely cover the cost of your food and housing.