Founders - Synergida

Meet Our Board of elders

Ben and Jen Rode

Ben and Jen are visionary entrepreneurs and international speakers. They are the founders of Synergida Luxury Resort and Community for Leaders, a community designed for social and environmental impact. They are the parents of 3 children; Bella, Merrick and Mara.

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AJ and Tera Maxwell

AJ & Tera left the Matrix and the supposed American Dream to raise their 3 kids in sovereignty in the jungle & playa in Costa Rica.

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Dean and Lisa Grafos

Former lawyers, Dean and Lisa now own 6 gyms in San Francisco called Core 40, and are creating an app that will revolutionize the fitness industry linking mindfulness in ones workout.

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Lee and Kent Irwin

Lee Irwin is the founder of the Radiant Wise Woman global community for women 45 and better. Kent Irwin is a world record holding race car driver and former leader of a multi-million-dollar engineering company.

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Carole Maureen friesen

Carole Maureen Friesen is the Founder and Visionary for The Lightworkers Institute, based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada and now in Costa Rica.

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Galina Lipina

Galina retired at 33 with 6 figure passive income and now if she is not dancing up a storm teaching kizomba, she’s discovering cutting-edge high return, low risk passive income investment opportunities and helping professionals and entrepreneurs retire in 2-5 years and life their live on purpose..

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