March 1-7 Jen’s Simple Pleasures Retreat (Rode Institute Retreat)


This retreat is for high level women leaders in the midst of a life-altering transition. Join Jen Rode in this intimate, VIP luxury retreat that is a must for badass women leaders. Simple Pleasures is a safe haven for high level women leaders to let their hair down amongst friends and peers.

Dive deep so you can use your intuition to manifest the next level of your life purpose and your life partnership (whether they are with you yet or not).

Meet Kristine Carlson, a 30 year NY Times Bestselling author and CEO of the Don’t Sweat The Small Series, who has been featured on Oprah.

Meet Ali Shanti (aka Alexis Neely), who is a multiple 7 figure entrepreneur and thought leader who is changing the way that conscious business operates through her edgy truth-telling and kind-hearted deep feminine wisdom.


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Master Suites May 21-28th , Junior Suites May 21-28th, Double Rooms May 21-28th