Feb 12-16 Fall Into Love Retreat


This retreat is designed to help you attract your life partner, and keep them. Expert speakers will support you in creating a love-filled life. You will experience deep level self-love, and mind-blowingly deep connection with your future life partner, before you even meet them! Watch out, this stuff works! Ben and Jen Rode have a 94% success rate helping their private clients bring in their life partners.

Antia & Brody Boyd have been helping thousands of successful men & women all over the world to create amazing, happy & loving relationships quickly without loneliness, frustration or disappointment for 20+ years combined. Antia studied Personality Psychology at U.C. Berkeley, Brody has a degree in Communications & Interpersonal Relationships, they have been keynote speakers on romantic relationships at Google, Harvard University and on hundreds of stages and radio shows all over the world, were featured in Del Mar Lifestyle Magazine, are NLP certified, Dream Coach certified and for over a decade studied everything that they could get their hands on in the areas of creating a lasting conscious power couple relationship easily without the fear of vulnerability, sadness or anxiety. They now live in the beautiful San Diego area of California.

Ashae Sundara (aka Carly Gross) is a writer, lover, sensuality muse… a divine union sexuality guide + transformation coach.

Her life’s work is in the realm of healing the wounds of the feminine heart and she helps women rise into their true embodiment for who they came here to be.

She feels most at home 60 minutes into a trance dance, eating juicy fresh mango with bare feet on Earth, and making art through love.

Starting at just $2500 for a 5 day, all inclusive luxury retreat. Price includes Retreat, accommodations, and fresh, farm to table food. At just $500 on average per day, you could spend more on just a hotel room alone.


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Master Luxury Suites Feb 12-16, Junior Luxury Suite Feb 12-16, Double Luxury Suite Feb 12-16