April 9-13 Transformational Healing Retreat


At this retreat, you will experience deep level transformation and self-healing with the assistance from top healers of various modalities. From energy work to akashic record clearing, this retreat is meant for those who feel called to explore the depths of alternative healing. Whether you are a professional “healer” (yes, we know all true healing comes from within) looking to hone your skills, or an avid seeker of transformation, you will leave this retreat feeling healed on mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic, and physical levels in a way you never thought was possible.



Dr. Denisa Rensen is a true fusion of the renaissance woman and the future FEMME. Her expertise in anti-aging & regenerative functional medicine is beautifully fused with her passion for high frequency living, consciousness expansion & human ascension.

Her life mission is to design women’s lives for bliss – yes! BLISS – the zenith of a woman’s emotional, metaphysical and physical life. Curating inner peace & sensuous passion back into women’s daily lives – this is her oyster. She is a wealth of knowledge & wisdom AND she’s deeply loving and straight up fun. You will love her presence and the tremendous value she brings into your life. You can find more of Denisa here: www.denisarensen.com and www.blissdesigned.com

Angel Alvaro is a Life Accelerator Psychic Coach, Mentor & Master Energy Healer who comes from a very long line of energy healers, specializes in helping her clients in clearing and releasing their blocks such as sexual trauma, ancestral vows, limiting beliefs from multiple levels, that holds them back from living the life of abundance, leaving them with transformational healing. Her clients went on to manifest financial abundance, attracted their soul mates, experienced transformational healing that is tangible and so much more. Learn more at AngelAlvaro.ca



Kat Schulte is the #creativityfairy. She helps you unlock your creative genius so that you have more clarity, authenticity, and an endless flow of idea’s for your life and business. She acts as your creative muse to help you unleash your unlimited potential and show up BIG in this world. Kat comes from a performing arts back ground, energy healing and healthcare. She combines her backgrounds to give a wholistic approach to healing and creativity. She loves working with the feminine divine and loves teaching women to embrace and empower their divine selves to help create balance and peace! www.katschulte.com


Val Cripps is a deeply transformative energy guide and artist. She is the cosmic priestess of quantum change and a catalyst and guide to deep and lasting positive life shifts. With unique, innovative and visionary ways, she inspires you to illuminate from within, own your true voice and allow your magic. She finds the deepest, most hidden subconscious patterns, past life and other tangled energies and assists you to clear, align and center you into your own personal power vortex of creation and receiving. Through deep energy healing and spiritual connection, she supports you in radically shifting your life into your own greatest prosperity. Using powerful ancient healing modalities and intuitive divine guidance, she leads you to learn from your experiences, keeping that which empowers and releasing that which isn’t true any more. Move through fear, anxiety, self doubt and struggles. On the other side of the darkness is a wise, knowing you, that trusts in the wisdom of the universe, the guidance of our inner knowing, and the ability to truly shift and evolve to WHATEVER you set your heart and soul to do. Allow me to be your energy guide and help you to light up your life with power, delight and design through vision, creativity and meta transformation.

My mission is to guide you to love yourself, speak your truth, and to embody and live your dreams. I’m right there with you illuminating from within to our greatest divine prosperity. To learn more visit Valtopia.com.


Starting at just $2500 for a 5 day, all inclusive luxury retreat. Price includes Retreat, accommodations, and fresh, farm to table food. At just $500 on average per day, you could spend more on just a hotel room alone.


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Master Luxury Suite April 9-13, Junior Luxury Suite April 9-13, Double Luxury Suite April 9-13