Getting to Synergida

We are so excited to have you at Synergida for what promises to be a truly life changing experience.


We are located in San Francisco de Cajon in southern Costa Rica. We are 90 minutes inland from the Pacific Ocean, and just 25 minutes from the fastest growing city in Central America, San Isidro de General. Boasting a cooler, less humid climate, this location is a rare gem, feeling closer to San Diego than what people often imagine when thinking about tropical Costa Rica.

Travel Tips:

  • You will be flying into San Jose International Airport (SJO).
  • Make sure your passport has at least 6 months left before expiration, and that your return ticket is booked, or you may not be permitted to board your plane.
  • Upon arrival in Costa Rica, tell customs that you are staying at "The Holiday Inn by the airport."  They won't have any idea what you're talking about if you say you're staying at Synergida. They won't know what a retreat is either, so tell them you're here for tourism. Keep it simple, or they may hold you up a bit with extra questions. 

Since our retreats run Monday morning through Friday evening, we have created the following schedule and transportation options to make all your travel within Costa Rica fool proof. This will save you from any unappreciated surprises and assure that you arrive on time, and with a smile on your face. If you choose to try something else, we wish you luck! Please just make sure to do your research online, and understand that we are not equipped to assist 20 people in planning their travels. Following the directions below will make sure you end up in the right place at the right time!

Just one additional piece of advice... Don't risk renting a car. You may pay 2-10x what you agree to online, and then get lost on your way here without cell reception. We can get you a driver for anything you might need.


  • Fly into SJO any time before Sunday (the day before your retreat) at 3:00 pm CT. It's really nice to fly in the Saturday before the retreat staying at the Holiday Inn (for overall ease, not high luxury...) in order to assure you arrive at Synergida bright eyed and bushy tailed. There is a free airport shuttle to make it extra easy for you. Traffic can get bad in San Jose, so don't venture too far out unless you have plenty of time to make it back.

  • If you fly in on Saturday, we've arranged a special option for you to take a tour of the San Jose are while you are waiting for Sunday arrivals.  This tour is $120 per group (so you would split that with your fellow Saturday arrivals) and is located on the same van you'll be using to get to Synergida.  This allows you to experience some Costa Rica culture before immersing yourself into transformation of your Synergida retreat.  Please let us know ahead of time if you'd like to do this.  

  • At 3:00pm CT on Sunday, a van arranged by us will meet you at Restaurante Malinche around the corner from the Arrivals gate at SJO. The van will bring retreat attendees to on a scenic 5-hour drive to Synergida. This will include a quick stop at the Green Room by the beach to grab a bite to eat. This van is $220 and the cost will be split amongst those traveling (up to 10 people per van) so please carry cash. US dollars are great. While this is longer drive, it is Gorgeous and a perfect way to see the countryside and/or beach and to connect with your fellow attendees.


  • Schedule your flight home any time on Saturday from SJO.
  • Book a hotel room at the Holiday Inn, located right at the airport for Friday night.
  • A van, arranged by us, will depart Synergida Friday evening at 6:00pm CT, after dinner, and bring you directly to the hotel. Again, This van is $220 and the cost will be split amongst those traveling so please carry cash. Drivers don't take cards.

If you’re looking for a true luxury vacation, we have a private flight option, which doesn't involve another security check, so it's VERY quick and easy. As you walk out of SJO, there will be a man with your name on a sign, and he will take you to your airplane, and fly you to Alta Gracia's private landing strip. From there, we will pick you up, just ten minutes from Synergida. Depending on how many people fly together, the cost of the private flight can range between $200-$650 per person, per flight. Flights are available from the landing strip back to SJO as well. Contact our team below if you would like to book. This option also makes it easy if you wish to stay at Alta Gracia before or after your retreat.

**Please remember that if you do not select any of the above options, you will need to arrange your own transportation to Synergida.

We suggest bringing $500 in US cash to pay for travel to and from the retreat center, tipping staff (our staff loves tips!), and other miscellaneous expenses. You will most likely never spend it all, but it doesn't hurt to cary extra just in case you need it!

If you have any additional questions, please see our FAQ or contact us here.

From all of us here at Synergida, we are really looking forward to seeing you here!