Meet  The Board of Elders

Co-Founders and Community Members of Synergida:

Ben and Jen Rode

visionary creators of the Multidimensional Awakening healing modality, and owners of Synergida.

Jesse Koren and SharlaJacobs

of Thrive Academy, who have worked with 50,000 entrepreneurs in the past 13 years, and have launched many multiple 6 and multiple 7 figure entrepreneurs.

Sage Lavine

best-selling Hay House author and women's global business leader.

AJ & Tera Maxwell

AJ Maxwell, who earned his leadership stripes in GE & other Fortune 50 companies, and Tera Maxwell, PhD, founder of the Affluence MethodTM, fuse AJ’s super power in scaling leaders & their organizations for world-class performance with Tera’s Mermaid Code of embodied abundance. Tera’s superpower is dissolving the blocks to experience inner freedom & flow. Over 3 years ago, AJ & Tera left the Matrix and the supposed American Dream to raise their 3 kids in sovereignty in the jungle & playa in Costa Rica.

Kristin Grayce McGary

Kristin Grayce McGary LAc., MAc., CFMP®, CSTcert, CLP is an internationally recognized health and lifestyle alchemist, author, and speaker. She weaves 20-years of experience, education, and wisdom with compassion to empower you to heal on all levels. She is an authority on autoimmunity, functional blood chemistry analysis, thyroid and gut health, extreme exhaustion, food as medicine, and integrating mind, body and spirit in healthcare.

She is a passionate and dynamic teacher who truly embodies her work. She artfully blends dozens of healing modalities to guide you on a transformative path to vibrant health. 

Kristin Grayce is renowned for her ability to help successful women leaders who feel alone, pulled in many directions, exhausted, with mysterious symptoms of illness; regain lasting energy, identify and resolve the root imbalances, and live with clarity and vitality. She empowers you to feel juicy in your body, revitalize and reconnect to your brilliant self so you can fulfill your mission of sharing your gifts with the world. 

She is the author of a new book titled Ketogenic Cure; Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Life.  

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Carole Maureen Friesen

Carole Maureen Friesen is the Founder and Visionary for The Lightworkers Institute, based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada and now in Costa Rica. The Lightworkers Institute specializes in empowering Conscious Entrepreneurs like Coaches, Holistic Practitioners and Workshop Leaders to make a MASSIVE IMPACT by taking their stage with Power through Sacred Body Language!

Carole Maureen Friesen is a International Spokesperson for Psychosomatic Psychology; she is the most renowned teacher of BodyMind Analysis & Sacred Body Language having liberated 1000's of people with her revolutionary transmutational training.

Carole has been empowering people to fully embrace their BodyMind and release their habitual muscle patterns. She teaches you how to use your Body with Consciousness, release the issues in your tissues and look years younger!

Carole has just been awarded the highest teaching position in Psychosomatic Psychology having worked directly with the Founder and Director of the Australian Psychosomatic College, Hermann Müller for over 18 years. Some of her students include Fia-Lynn Crandall, Christie Marie Sheldon, Karen McMullen, Justin Livingston and has been on Callan Rush's stage since 2008.

Carole has shared the stage with New York bestselling authors T. Harv Eker, John Gray and Doreen Virtue.
Carole will empower you with her unique blend of Sacred Body Language, face reading, wisdom and candid humour.

Carole has added another dimention to her work by moving to Costa Rica to open The Heaven and Earth Sanctuary in Chimirol del Rivas only 45 minutes from Synergida. She is now studying to be a Galactic Historian and introducing people to their highest purpose by discovering and understanding their mission through their Galactic Signiture Blueprint.

It’s time to WAKE UP, because when you work with Carole, YOU WILL feel your body come alive!

Kent & Lee Irwin

Lee Irwin is the founder and leader of the Radiant Wise Woman global community for women 45 and better. She has over 30 years of experience as a master of the art and soul of womens’ transformation. She co-founded an intentional community in the U.S. that is still thriving after 40+ years.

Lee is collaborating with Kristine Carlson (best-selling author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff) to complete her first book in October, 2018 – Break Free from the Hormone Trap: The Radiant Wise Woman Way to Live a Wildly Orgasmic Life.

Kent Irwin is a world record holding race car driver and former leader of a multi-million-dollar engineering company.

Kent is a wise King who knows how to help his Queen stay in her highest frequency. Lee is a wise Queen who knows how to receive with grace. Together they manifest wealth and joy from an intuitively guided place. They enjoy an amazing life with 3 children, 7 grandchildren and one spoiled cat.

Lee and Kent are delighted to be collaborating with other light leaders at Synergida to help bring in a new world.

Dean and Lisa Grafos

Former lawyers, Dean and Lisa now own 6 gyms in San Francisco called Core 40, and are now creating an app that will revolutionize the fitness industry with their unique methods of linking mindfulness in ones workout as a way to create a drive they have never experienced before. They also own a gorgeous property with a couple homes on the beach in Uvita!


If you're interested in being a co-founder or community member, join us at our next Founders Retreat, or just contact us HERE!

Ben and Jen first visited Costa Rica in 2015, after Jen was told in meditation that they were supposed to be moving there. 6 property scouting trips and one year later, Ben and Jen moved to CR with their beautiful children, and fell even deeper in love with Costa Rican culture, the fresh air, clean water, diverse rainforest life, and pure way of being.

In Costa Rica, it’s all about the pura vida, meaning “pure life”. Ben and Jen were so inspired by this pure life and the synergy that they have naturally co-created in partnership together, that they are so excited to co-create synergistically with other thought leaders from all across the world.

At Synergida, we know we can do so much more when we co-create together. The community is designed to hold our highest selves in place, so we can have the greatest possible impact on the planet in our lifetime.

Synergida will also feature yearly passion projects and will be donating to various charities and give-backs to Costa Rica.